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A paradisiacal destination that few know about, located in Sirinhaém, halfway between Porto de Galinhas and Carneiros. Santo Aleixo Island is one of the most beautiful destinations for those who want to discover the southern coast of Pernambuco in a unique and exclusive way. It has a beautiful beach and fantastic natural pools to enjoy with the family, as well as a unique ecological trail.

Due to environmental preservation, Santo Aleixo Island has limited access, and there is no structure with the necessary conditions for the proper functioning of restaurants, nor does it have bathrooms. Furthermore, due to its volcanic origin, it is quite hot. Therefore, a short walk is recommended, and also bring water, flip-flops and sunscreen.

How to get to Santo Aleixo Island?

The LUP Beach Club, located on Guadalupe beach, in Sirinhaém, offers a trip to Santo Aleixo Island by speedboat or flexboat, including safety items such as a life jacket. The group is accompanied by a person from the LUP team, who offers a relaxed and fun atmosphere during the crossing and the trail, during the two-hour period.

Upon disembarking in Santo Aleixo, we come across the local beauty and head to the ecological trail, which takes us to the top of the island, where we can admire a breathtaking view. On the way down the trail, we can now see Praia da Ferradura and the natural pools, where we make a 50-minute stop for those who want to swim and enjoy the island, before returning to the LUP Beach Club.

The package offered by the beach club also includes day use, and when you return from the tour, you can enjoy the wonderful structure of LUP. It contains a restaurant, bar, swimming pool, bathrooms equipped with shower and beach volleyball, beach tennis and futmesa courts. Everything for your and your family’s greatest comfort.

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